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Easy application tips!

Do a patch test

This step is very important and should not be underestimated. Patch test helps reveal your skin’s actual reaction to the adhesive and determines whether the tape may cause you irritation. Start with cutting off a small piece of tape. Apply this piece to your skin and then leave it on for as long as you expect to wear your tapes. Then gently remove and check. If you have sensitive skin keep in mind that slight redness is normal, but more severe irritation is not!

Clean your skin!

Before using Lifties pay attention to skin preparation. Only apply your tapes to clean, dry skin. If you used lotions or oils before applying the tape, it is recommended to wash it off and dry your skin.

Use nipple covers!

Nipple covers help protect your most sensitive areas throughout wear and during breast tapes removal. You can choose from two types of nipple covers – silicone and disposable. We recommend using Lifties nipple covers before applying breast tapes.

Do not overstretch the tape!

Shape and stretch your breasts into the desired position rather than stretching the band. We recommend applying the boob tape only with a gentle stroke. This is the only way to achieve a round neckline. If pulled too hard, the band could tighten your breasts unnaturally and visibly.

Round your corners!

Trim the corners off each breast tape strip before applying it. This trick helps to prevent the corners catching onto your clothes.

Recommended wearing time

The recommended wearing time is a maximum of 7 hours. The longer you wear your breast tapes, the more the adhesive will adhere to your skin and subsequent removal could be uncomfortable. Prolonged use can also cause irritation.

Removal Tips!

Use Lifties remover spray

To remove breast tapes soak them in our remover. It will provide you smooth and painless remove. Breast tapes should feel and look wet. Leave on for at least 5 minutes before removing.

Remove slowly

NEVER remove the tape with “ a ripping off a band-aid” method or other aggressive method. Doing so could cause skin damage and uncomfortable burning. Always remove your breast tapes slowly according to our Removal Tips.